Turn your Digital Assets into Systematic Investments

Create investment strategies that make assets work for you 24/7.

Case Study

Systematic Capital Deployments

Since crypto markets are volatile and operate 24/7, many of our clients prefer to deploy capital via the so called “dips-purchasing” strategy. This strategy has been specifically back-tested and optimized for capital deployments in bull as well as bear market conditions.
As in this case study a client was able to effectively deploy 10,000 USD into Bitcoin over a two weeks time span and eventually get 3.14% even better average price than Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA-ing). This difference eventually pays off significantly during asset’s liquidation. Contact us to learn more about this strategy and how our systems operate.

Why clients choose Renora

Better decisions

Keep attention on important decisions while automating repetitive and tedious investments related tasks.

Systematic execution

Leave emotions out of the equation by defining your strategies and let technology execute systematically.


You keep full custody and control of your funds on an exchange of your choice and execute your strategies via API.

Switch today from manual repetitiveness to systematic automation

What clients say about us

Renora has saved me countless hours. Before Renora, I’d do a few trades on intraday volatility, when I had time. Now Renora automates that for me. It actually earns much more now, then when I was trading myself. I’m in eager anticipation for more bots with alternate trading strategies. I’m keen to ustilize Renora to take over more of my routine trades.

– Thomas Chan
COO at HydraSwap

Refreshing to see a platform that simplifies the buy timing for volatile assets with achievable and consistent profit goals. High praise to the team for their transparency around modus operandi and strategy.

– Karim Raffa

Very happy with the platform so far: glad to have my BTC working for me without any effort on my part. Straight forward setup and user-friendly!

– Nikhil Joshi
Director at

Frequently Asked Questions

What if an asset implodes as in $LUNA case?

Unfortunately it is not possible to foresee these kind of sccenarios where coins go to dust within short period of time. Therefore usual practice is to distribute assets across multiple coins to mitigate such risk.

Are you custodial?

No, we are non-custodial which means that you always keep full control of your funds but still can still make full use of strategies automation by connecting Renora to an exchange of your choice via API.

Renora Technologies is providing Web3 assets management systems and algorithmic investing solutions to clients across the globe. Our suite of solutions automate up to 98% of repetitive investment tasks, which make investing simple, systematic and help web3 investors keep focus on important strategic decisions.


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